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Primary trade-union organization

On February 19, 2018 Primary trade-union organization of “RasonConTrans” JVС is created

On February 19, 2018 Primary trade-union organization of “RasonConTrans” JVС for the purpose of representation and protection of the social and labor rights, professional, economic and other interests of members of labor union is created.

For achievement of the authorized purposes Primary trade-union organization sets the following tasks for itself:

  • improvement of working conditions of workers;
  • increase in the amount of the salary;
  • ensuring compliance with labor rights of workers;
  • improvement of economic and social situation of workers;
  • development of social partnership;
  • mutual aid to members of labor union;
  • organization of leisure of members of PPO (cultural events).

The head of department of rail transportation Sergey Terebilov is by a majority vote elected the chairman of the Trade-union organization. Also on the general vote 6 members of trade-union committee are elected. In total today the ranks of the Trade-union organization were joined by more than 30 people. Each employee of “RasonConTrans” JVС on the basis of the declaration of accession to Labor union can become the member of Primary trade-union organization.


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