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RasonConTrans JVC is one of the largest coal terminals in Asia-Pacific region. The terminal itself is the modern multifunctional high-tech complex for freight traffic and coal transshipment (Terminal). The Terminal offers full range of services on freight transportation and coal transshipment to Asia-Pacific countries.

The Company develops and strengthens the trade and economic ties in the region, solving the problem with the lack of terminal facilities, increases its’ potential and reduces the export fees for cargo owners in Asia Pacific. We also reallocate and optimize the cargo flows of export coal, taking the advantage of favorable location on Korean Peninsula and using the capacity of Trans -Siberian Railways.

The main advantages of the Terminal:

  • Highly qualified team of specialists from the two states, successfully fulfilling assigned tasks and constantly striving to increase the volumes of cargo transportation by Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Providing a full range of freight transportation services, using a modern high-tech multifunctional complex
  • Own railway track from Khasan station (Russia) to Rajin port (DPRK) with high transit capacity of trains per day
  • Non-freezing deep-water port with a capacity of more than 5 million tons of cargo per year

The Company forms a natural trade and economic bridge between Europe and Asia by opening direct access to the world economic centers and coal markets of the Asia-Pacific region to cargo owners. The Company constantly modernizes the existing business processes of cargo transportation and develops new business processes for implementing best adjustments in cargo transportation in the region.

We will be happy to welcome you as our customers and partners, for the mutual development of trade and economic relations in the region.


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