Port terminal

The port of Rajin

The port of Rajin is located in the northern part of the DPRK about 150 km south-west of Vladivostok (along the coast). The port is non-freezing, has convenient deep-water approaches.

The port is located in Nadzhiman Bay of the city of Rasонn (Hamgyгn-Pukto province) in the Sea of Japan, off the Korean coast at the top of Rajin Bay (42 ”13.S., 130” 17’v.d.).


General Port Information:


01 The territory of the complex 14ga

02 54km from the border with Russia

03 Non-freezing port


04 It has convenient deepwater approaches, the depth along the quay wall is 12m

05 Capacity of the complex - up to 4 million tons of cargo per year

06 The length of the terminal mooring line is 480 m.

07 Able to provide reception of ships with deadweight from 20 to 40 thousand tons, up to 188 meters long and draft up to 11.5 meters.

08 The warehouse area is 36.8 thousand square meters, the total (one-time) capacity of the warehouse is 250 thousand tons

09 Loading rate up to 14 000 thousand tons per day, depending on the vessel's deadweight


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