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In 2001 in Moscow the Meeting of the two States Leaders - the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Il - was held. During the discussion of various matters Moscow Declaration was signed, which enabled the parties to start the reconstruction of the railway network on Korean Peninsula in order to connect it to the Trans - Siberian Railway in future.

Thus the Russian Railways Holding Company (“RZD”) gave birth to an ambitious modern project by establishing RasonConTrans JVC which continues its’ rapid development up to now.

Today one can see the convenient modern infrastructure of the coal terminal in DPRK which consists of Rajin port facilities along with the railway track between Tumangan (Khasan in Russia) and Rajin Station, connected to the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Thanks to the constructed facilities of the Joint Venture, Russian coal exporters could use the beneficial transportation routes and coal transshipment infrastructure for the Asia-Pacific markets.

By using the unified railway network from the central part of Russia to Rajin City and due to beneficial location of the non-freezing port of Rajin within Asia-Pacific region, the transportation terms and fees were drastically lowered and the coal export capacity has grown. This coal transportation rout enables Russian coal exporters undertake continuous activity on the Asia-Pacific market throughout the year despite the climate conditions and navigation periods.

The team of highly qualified and dedicated staff of RasonConTrans JVC never fails to fulfill the established goals. Professionals from the two states in close cooperation with each other are doing their best to increase the freight traffic volume by Trans Siberian railway contributing into development of trade economic relations in Asia Pacific.

The friendly team puts in the effort and professional skills for the further development and growth of the Project. Our staff is always ready to welcome new partners, new clients and new possibilities. I believe in our mission to move on to building the bridges of friendship and to the mutual understanding between our people!


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Ivan Tonkikh


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