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Meeting of the Leaders of "RasonConTrans" JVC and “Donghae” Railway Company

RasonConTrans JVC closely cooperates with Donghae railway company – the part of the DPRK Ministry of Railways (Foreign Affairs Department) in its’ daily operation.

Donghae leases the railway track Tumangan – Rajin to RasonConTrans JVC, carrying out interaction between The Russian Railways and Rason Railway in part of the operation and maintenance of this section of the road. On June 24, 2017 a working meeting of RCT Director General Ivan Tonkikh and Donghae Director Kim Chor Chol was held in the port of Rajin. During the meeting a number of issues on improving the conditions of coal transportation in the Tumangan-Rajin track were discussed.
As a result of negotiations, an additional agreement to the Instruction on trains operations was signed. In accordance with this agreement, the organization of shunting work has been revised and the number of wagons in long trains from Rajin to Tumangan has been increased to 50, at present only 33 are transported. In addition, the parties agreed on making a decision to increase the number of loaded wagons from Tumangan to Rajin up to 45 in the nearest future. Now no more than 30 wagons are transported. Soon the implementation of this scheme will reduce the cost of cargo transportation due to economies of scale, with an increase in the freight base and the capacity of the railway infrastructure, which will have a positive economic effect and will allow optimizing the operating costs of the company.


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