range of services

Multifunctional modern complex of cargo transportation and coal transshipment for the countries of the Asia-Pacific region

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deep-water port

The port is located in the Sea of Japan with a throughput of more than 5 million tons of cargo per year

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railway infrastructure

Infrastructure provides a capacity of 7-8 million tons per year

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Rason Transnational Container Transportation JVC

RasonConTrans Joint-Venture Company was established and registered in DPRK on June 16, 2008. The establishment of the Joint Venture Company in DPRK became possible because of the project shares of OJSC “RZD Trading Company” and Port of Rajin (DPRK).

The Company is located within Rason Special Economic Zone and owns a 49-years duration of rent period and a distributed share capital:

  • 70% - is owned by the Russian Party (the Party acts as Project Investor)
  • 30% - is owned by the Korean Party (the Party provides the rights for renting the Rajin port territory)

The main activity of the Company is cargo transportation and development of trade and economic relations in Asia-Pacific region, using the capacity of Trans -Siberian Railway, the railway track Tumangan (Khasan in Russia)-Rajin (DPRK), convenient infrastructure of the port of Rajin. The Joint-Venture Company is working on development of existing business activities and implements new ones. We are happy to welcome you as a Partner.

Сomplex terminal

The integrated rate includes the full range of coal transshipment services. A terminal is a modern, high-tech multifunctional complex

Railway component

54 km (1520 gauge) from art. Hasan (RF) to M. Rajin (DPRK). The capacity of a branch of more than 12 train pairs per day, 2 of the terminal's unloading paths of 537 m long. each

Port of Rajin

Ice-free deep-sea port with a draught of more than 11 m with a capacity of more than 5 million. Tons. Length of berth 480 m, Norm of handling t/X "type" PanaMax 20,000 tons per day

For Russian Federation:

  • Forming the natural bridge between Asia and Europe, strengthening the development of Russian business and its’ influence on trade and economic relations of the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Improving relations with countries of the Asia-Pacific, as well as strengthening the influence of Russian Federation in the region;
  • Development of competition and market relations in the markets of carrier-forwarding services by creating the new operator-forwarding company;
  • Creation of additional jobs in the Far Eastern region to provide the qualified Russian specialists for the construction and operation of infrastructure in DPRK.


  • Modernization of the country's transport infrastructure through foreign investments;
  • Creating additional tax revenues and jobs for the citizens of DPRK;
  • Receiving revenues from the Company in the form of rental fees for infrastructure and dividends from participation in the Company’s capital;
  • Establishment and restoration of economic and transport ties with the Republic of Korea;
  • Restoration of the country's international market relations and increasing the investment attractiveness of DPRK.


For “Russian Railways” OJSC (“RZD”):

  • Increase in the volume of cargo transportation by Trans-Siberian Railway and strengthening of the market positions of "RZD";
  • Implementation of measures to achieve the strategic goals of “RZD”.

For consignors:

  • Reduction of freight costs for cargo owners and year-round transshipment of coal, due to the favorable location of the ice-free port in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Using the capacity of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the infrastructure of a modern coal terminal, facing the lack of terminal capacity for coal exports;
  • Expansion of the coal sales market for Russian coal exporters, strengthening of competitive positions in growing markets of the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Redistribution of cargo flows and use of the convenient geographic location of DPRK to optimize those flows.

Document Execution

Registration of the diplomatic note of the United Nations to confirm the legality of Russian coal supplies from the port of Rajin and transportation documents (rail / sea / multimodal transport)


Cargo storage

Storage of cargo during the normative storage period in enclosed spaces in the protected area of the Port

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Handling operations

Strict compliance with all rules and requirements for the organization and conduct of works is our guarantee of cargo safety

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Handling of containerized cargo

In order to maximize the use of the existing infrastructure, the enterprise plans to organize the reloading of containers at the terminal.

The maximum cargo turnover of a universal terminal for container cargo will be up to 50 thousand kop. / year

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Crushing and sorting

We provide a full list of services from reception of cars at the border crossing st. Hasan / Art. Tumangan, unloading cargo from wagons, electromagnetic cleaning of coal before loading cargo onto the ship

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