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Meeting with representatives of the DPRK state authorities and UNDP supported by the Russian Railways

In July 2017, the Director General of "RasonConTrans" JVC Ivan Tonkikh visited the capital of the DPRK Pyongyang.

During his official visit Ivan Tonkikh had working meetings with Comrade Kim Young-ho, head of the Department for International Cooperation of the DPRK Ministry of Railways, comrade Kim Sen Ryong, head of the international cooperation department of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Mr. Tapan Mishra, head of the UNDP office in Pyongyang.

Mr. Tonkikh also visited the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Russian Railways representative office in Pyongyang. The negotiations between Mr.Tonkikh and comrade Kim Yong Ho were carried out in the presence of the director of Donghae company, comrade Kim Chor Ho, General representative of the Russian Railways in Pyongyang, Andrew Timchenko, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the DPRK Sergey Tikhomirov, as well as employees of RasonConTrans JVC and the International Department of the DPRK Ministry of Railways. During the meeting, a number of issues that were prioritized for the arrangements of the company’s operational process were discussed and the participants reached mutual understanding on their solution.

As a result of negotiations, comrade Kim Young-ho, Head of the Department for International Cooperation of the DPRK Ministry of Railways and Ivan Tonkikh, Director General of RasonConTrans JVC, signed the Protocol of the working meeting, compiled in Russian and Korean. A working visit was made to the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the DPRK to meet with comrade Kim Sen Ryong, the head of the Department for International Cooperation, and to discuss the issues of the debt capitalization of RasonConTrans JVC, necessity to ensure transparency of the ecological service requirements for coal handling at the port 3 pier, high cost of electricity, as well as other issues of the port life.

Head of Department, comrade Kim Sen Ryong assured the company's management of the support of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the DPRK in dealing with the problematic issues. At the end of the meeting Ivan Tonkikh invited colleagues from the Ministry to visit Rason City and the port of Rajin on August 15, which is the The Day of Korea Liberation to take part in friendly volleyball competitions. On July 20, 2017 there was an informal meeting of Director General of "RasonConTrans" JVC in the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the DPRK held in order to find the support of the Embassy in the work of the joint venture.

A visit to the United Nations Development Program Office in Pyongyang was held in a friendly manner. At the meeting with the Head of the Department Mr. Tapan Mishra the issues of cooperation between the port of Rajin and UNDP were discussed, including the transportation of humanitarian goods through the port of Rajin. Mr. Mishra promised to discuss this matter with the UNDP's chief representative in Bangkok in the near future. During the visit to the Russian Railways Representative Office in Pyongyang, we managed to enlist the support of Mr. Timchenko in cooperation with the Russian Embassy in Beijing to organize a meeting in the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China to find the ways of obtaining permits for unloading Russian coal, imported from the port of Rajin to the ports of South China.



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