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RasonConTrans JVC official visit to Busan (Republic of Korea)

On Wednesday, February 11, a presentation of the Russian-North Korean logistics project "Hasan-Rajin" was held in Busan and attracted great interest shown by the hosts. Moreover, Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in various areas between "RasonConTrans" JVC and Busan City government was signed.

The presentation was held in Busan City Hall in the afternoon and gathered about 200 representatives of business and scientific community from Republic of Korea and other countries. In a welcoming speech, Oleg Agafontsev, the director general of RasonConTrans, mentioned about economic and political importance of the project. "The activity of such project near the Russian border in the DPRK port of Rajin will further strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation that have existed for a long time between Russia and North Korea, providing an opportunity to conduct fruitful work, and contribute to possible unification of two Koreas". Oleg Agafontsev explained that the sea terminal operating in Rajin had the capacity to handle up to four million tons of coal per year, but this figure can be increased within a couple of years to six million tons. In case of demand for processing of the equivalent of 600 thousand 20F containers (TEU) annually, the terminal may be refocused and start processing of the container cargoes.

During the presentation Daria Stegniy, the head of the representative office of the RasonConTrans JVC in Russia, informed of the history of the project and noted that it currently creates new logistics bridge between Europe and Asia, using the potential of the Rajin port, as well as the railroad track which connects it to the Trans Siberian Railway.


After the presentation Oleg Agafontsev, the director general of RasonConTrans JVC shared his ideas with reporters from “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“RG”: How do you consider the participation in the project of the investors from other countries, but Republic of Korea?

OA: This project is open for cooperation with not only certain countries as Russia, the DPRK or Republic of Korea. We negotiate with those potential partners who can provide the cargoes and commodity flows through our terminal despite any national priorities. For example, we carry out consultations with the representatives from China and Taiwan. Thus we are open for cooperation with any country but we are certainly interested in different kinds of contribution to the project from the side of South Korea.

“RG”: What is the core idea of the MOU signed with Busan Government?

OA: MOU’s content reflects the main purpose of our visit to Busan, which was to attract potential partners to provide us with cargoes. Therefore we’ve signed the agreement with the Mayor to ensure the new shipments.

«RG»: Local Media mentioned about the plans of RasonConTrans JVC to open a representative office in Busan. Is that true?

OA: No, we haven’t talked about it as we never had such plans. Let’s call it a fantasy of the local mass – media, nothing more.




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