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November 4 – Day of National Unity in Russia

In Rajin (DPRK), the celebration of the Day of National Unity by the Russian employees of the joint venture "RasonConTrans" took place on a special - participation in the excursion to the Sahyan mountain.

Russian employees of "RasonConTrans" JVC celebrated the Day of National Unity in a special way, namely, they organized a tour to Sahyan Mountain in Rajin (DPRK). Sahyan is a landmark for the people of the DPRK. In 1942 the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung together with his wife Comrade Kim Jong Suk at this very place planned an action to liberate the DPRK and the city of Rajin from Japanese conquerors. And their plans were realized.

Today, Mount Sahyan is a historically important place for the people of Korea, a reminder of the origins of the revolution in the country. The tour was conducted by the head of the representative department of the company - comrade Lee Gyon Chol. All the participants were delighted.



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